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Management of Financial Service Institutions

This Course Draws for the manual- Making Microfinance Work for Improved Management- ITCILO developed material. Material suitable for all FSPs

Part I - Introduction- describes the functions of a manager; how to position institution for relevance in serving the low-income markets; providing strategic direction that improves performance

Part II - Markets and Marketing- providing managers with tools and strategies to improve performance in reaching their target markets, and developing/ delivering products to meet those needs. Provides practical guidance for outstanding customer service towards customer loyalty.

Part III - Managing Risks- helping managers map out a tolerable level of risk to still derive benefits as an institution. Managers are equipped with tools to evaluate,, mitigate and manage internal and external risks

Part IV - Organisational Architecture- Discusses organizational issues that should be considered to improve the operations of a financial service provider: human resource management; shaping the institutional culture for optimum performance; developing an effective organizational structure- all to manage growth.

Part V - Towards Greater Efficiency and Productivity- Strategies for enhancing efficiency and productivity:  performance incentives; costs and prices; new technologies; change management; plans, budgets, and reports.

Making Micro Finance Work

Managing For Improved Performance

The book examines the markets and marketing of MFIs and captures the different ways that managers can communicate the value of their products and services. It offers strategies to prevent risk from occurring and, if it does occur, explains how to rectify the situation.

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