Human development and poverty solutions have long been the domain of NGOs and the donor community. In TUCUZA we are convinced that facilitating the creation of wealth is critical in the battle against poverty and generally in improving livelihoods. We believe that investing wisely with decent returns will perpetuate the life of the business while addressing social concerns.


TUCUZA’s rationale for approach:

  • Persistent high levels of poverty. We see the need to engage people in real productive activities with substantial earnings.

  • Limited opportunities for the creation of wealth. People need to participate in economic activities that have impacts beyond their short-term needs.

  • Low employment opportunities pose serious barriers for youths out of tertiary education and those with basic education. This barrier needs to be bridged.

  • The TUCUZA model demonstrates that it is possible to create shareholder value while impacting livelihoods.

Core Competencies


Our core competencies are based on extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Entrepreneurship and business development including idea conception to implementation through right-fit organizational configurations,

  • Community mobilization and development,

  • Financing options for poverty reduction and business growth; and

  • Development-focused research. These areas of expertise span both urban and rural undertakings.

Core Values

We believe that development is not only about economic progress but encompasses a multi-dimensional process for human advancement. In this regard, we value the following:

  • A spirit of Free Enterprise, which says business activity is good and wholesome, and all those who are able to work and be productive should be facilitated to do so.

  • Innovation and creativity- we value people’s desire to be creative and innovative as they explore and activate their latent capabilities. We thus purpose to nurture those desires to their fullest possible potential.

  • Dignity for all- We value the worth of all human beings regardless of their status in society. The expression of this is through respect for, and acceptance of one another.

  • Interdependence- we believe in progressive development that liberates human beings from being dependent on others and replaces that with interdependence in cohesive communities of practice.

  • Integrity – We believe that the singular attribute that makes a real difference in business is integrity. Thus, we promote accountability and transparency in all our activities.

Strategic Direction



We envision an attractive, thriving and inspirational space for creative and sustainable business.



Our mission is to support and engage in entrepreneurial activities both in urban and rural settings of Zambia, for support to individual and community entrepreneurs.

How We Measure Success


We have a double bottom line in that our success indicators have to meet both our business and social ideals.

Business Success: Through our governance framework for a responsible business leadership framework, we have a commitment to ensure that the business prospers, grows and has no negative impacts on any of its stakeholders.


Social Impact: We are committed to a high degree of social responsibility that starts with respect for employees, customers and the community. We are particularly committed to bringing about social transformation in communities that we partner with, and will use various measurement protocols to measure evidence of this.


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